Kitten Found During Hot Weather in Backyard is Now Living It Up as Spoiled Kitten

Kitten Found During Hot Weather in Backyard is Now Living It Up as Spoiled Kitten


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A kitten who was found during hot weather in a backyard, is now living it up as a spoiled kitten.

tiny fluffy pocket kittenLavender the kittenHaley Waugh

A kitten who had been born in a backyard, got a new lease on life when a Good Samaritan scooped her up from the unrelenting heat.

"The (cat) mom and other babies disappeared. They found her by herself laying on her back in 100+ degree weather, so they called our shelter and an officer went to get her," Haley Waugh, Public Information Coordinator at Front Street Animal Shelter (in Sacramento, California), told Love Meow.

The kitten was just a couple of weeks old and in need of bottle feedings around the clock.

sassy kittenShe was found in a backyard by herself on a hot summer dayHaley Waugh

The pint-sized fluff-ball was full of sass, with a fierce attitude. "She was a little confused by all the new people and smells, so she was hissing and spitting for the first day."

After getting cleaned up and some food in her belly, the kitten was starting to warm up to the new arrangements. She wasn't shy of using her micro claws and exercising her mini swats to get her point across.

pocket kitten fluffyHaley Waugh

The kitten needed a dedicated bottle carer to cater to her every whim, and the staff knew just the perfect person to deliver her to.

"I've had a rough few weeks losing two special fosters, so one of my coworkers walked over and held her up in front of me. I knew I was taking her home to foster instantly," Haley shared with Love Meow.

adorable kitten in pocketHaley Waugh

She gently placed the kitten in her front pocket of her overalls, and the little one calmed down instantly being cradled in her new carrier. She could feel the heartbeats from her foster mom, and was content with being a pocket kitten.

Despite her initial hisses and doubts, "all that changed the next morning when she realized I was there to give her food and care for her."

fluffy grey kittenHaley Waugh

Haley has lovingly named the kitten Lavender and set out to indulge her with undivided attention.

She brings the kitten to work to keep up with the demanding feeding schedule, and keeps Lavender close to ensure that she is loved.

kitten in pocket overallsHaley Waugh

"Now when she hears my voice she perks up and wobbles her way over to me. She puffs up all her fur and enthusiastically scrabbles for her bottle," Haley told Love Meow.

She wiggles her ears when she eats, and takes to her bottle like a champ.

bottle feeding kittenShe is eating like a champHaley Waugh

In just a few days, Lavender has made promising gains and is getting sweeter and more affectionate by the day.

She brings immense joy to her foster mom from the moment she wakes up crying for food to the moment she purrs herself to sleep.

happy fluffy kittenHaley Waugh

With her foster mom by her side, Lavender is becoming confident, inquisitive, and a supervisor in the making.

"She's such a sweet and curious little kitten already. She's so interested in what's around her and is always paying attention to me."

fluffy grey kitten lavenderHaley Waugh

Not only is Lavender growing in weight, but also fluff. She is expected to mature into a fluffy grey cat with tufts in her ears.

fluffy grey kitten hairHaley Waugh

As for now, Lavender enjoys being babied and having her people hover over her 24/7.

tiny pocket kittenHaley Waugh

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