Kitten Falls In Love with Her New Sister and Guards Her Everywhere She Goes

Kitten Falls In Love with Her New Sister and Guards Her Everywhere She Goes


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A tabby kitten fell in love with her new sister when she came to her forever home.

She's been guarding her every day since.


Ariel, a mother of two girls, was looking to adopt a cat when she came across Beth Stern's fostering program.

"On a whim, we emailed Beth to see if we might be a possible forever family fit. After an extensive interview, we found out we were approved and were told we would be receiving Joy and Treasure because Beth believed they would do well in a home with young children," Ariel told Love Meow.

The kittens were born to a rescued cat in foster care. At two months old, they arrived at their new abode where their human sisters, Bree and Mayson, awaited them.

"Bree was still a baby herself, so it was very important to me to teach her how to care for them, pet them, be kind to them."


Ariel made sure that the kittens were safe and guiding the girls along the way.

Even as a kitten, Joy was fearless. She loved everyone but immediately took a liking to Bree. She snuggled next to her and fell fast asleep.


"Joy and Bree have had a strong connection since the beginning. It's as if Joy knows Bree is a toddler and understands she means well and loves her," Ariel told Love Meow.

"She is the most patient, loving cat I've ever met."


Joy follows the girls around the house and even into the bathroom. She likes to be in the same room with them to keep them company.

Two peas in a pod!


Watch Joy and Bree in this adorable video:

Adopted Kitten Bonds with Baby Girl - Growing Up

The tabby girl enjoys going for walks with Bree, watching her play and listening to her when she sings.

She's her biggest fan.


Nothing makes Joy happier than getting hugs from her best friend. Every night, Bree tucks her in and kisses her good night.

"Bree loves covering Joy with a blanket to make sure she's comfy and warm. Bree is Joy's person, and the patience and love she shows for her human sister never ceases to amaze me," Ariel told Love Meow.


When Bree came home after a long day, she went right up to her kitty, gave her a big hug and even said sorry to her for leaving. Joy switched on her purr motor and welcomed her home with snuggles.

"I have never met a cat like her, and never seen a bond like theirs before," Ariel said.


Wherever Bree is, Joy is right next to her.


Bree has learned to feed the cats, brush them and play with them because she wants to help take care of her kitties.

Joy loves it when she gets her attention and purrs up a storm.


It's been a little over a year since Joy and Treasure joined the family.

"I'm so incredibly grateful that my kids get to grow up with cats who are as relaxed, and as good with children as Joy and Treasure are."


Happy and loved!


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