Pint-sized Kitten with Big Eyes Insists on Living Full Life After She Was Found on Street

Pint-sized Kitten with Big Eyes Insists on Living Full Life After She Was Found on Street


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A tiny kitten was determined to live a full life after she was rescued from a rough beginning.

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

A gray kitten was brought to a veterinary clinic in Las Vegas after she was found lying outside all alone. She was in very rough shape with a brain injury and unable to lift her head due to being severely malnourished and dehydrated.

At nine weeks old, she was just the size of a 3-week-old. With a lot of TLC from the veterinary team, she perked up and started to act like a kitten again.

Danielle, an animal rescuer and founder of With Grace, was at the vet for another cat when she and her husband met the pint-sized kitty. "We saw this little adorable nugget and felt instant pull towards her," Danielle shared with Love Meow.

"She was being cared for by my veterinarian, so I reluctantly put her back in her enclosure when we left."

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

The couple couldn't stop thinking about the sweet kitty. A few days later, Danielle got a text from her vet. "She heard about how I was all googly eyed over this baby and asked if I would foster her. And of course, I said 'Yes!'"

Danielle's husband was overjoyed and immediately named the kitten Luna because "her eyes were as big as moons." He picked her up from the vet and went to the store to get a new comfy bed, a pineapple hut, for the kitten to sleep in.

At 12 weeks old, Luna was just half the size for her age.

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

Luna was so tiny that her eyes appeared huge in comparison. She had a lot of growing to do and a host of health issues to deal with, such as a heart murmur from being severely malnourished, and a difficult case of ringworm, a fungal infection.

"Once we start to put some weight on her, her face will fill out and look properly proportioned," Danielle wrote. "Her days of being malnourished are long behind her. She will never go hungry again."

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

After months of unwavering dedication and painstaking care from the foster family, the warrior kitty fully recovered and her personality was beaming through.

She outgrew the heart murmur and defeated ringworm with such incredible resolve. "She still has head tremors, especially when she's locked in and focused on something," Danielle told Love Meow.

But that doesn't bother her and won't stop her from playing like a rambunctious little kitty.

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

Luna has turned out to be quite the character. "She is a quirky goofball that you just can't help but love. She plays hard and sleeps hard (she actually gets bed head). She has a favorite toy that she drags everywhere with her," Danielle shared.

Watch Luna in this cute video:

Luna the kitten - foster

Luna's recovery was nothing short of a miracle. She bounced back from being lifeless to starting to play like a kitten again. "When we first got her, she didn't know how to jump. It took months for her to get her balance, but once she did, there was no stopping her."

When Luna gets a new toy, she is so excited that she plays until she is all tuckered out.

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

After months in foster care, Luna caught up in size and conquered all the challenges thrown at her. She was then ready to find a place of her very own.

"This has been a long road for this little girl. Luna is a comedian and will keep her forever family in constant laughter," Danielle said.

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

A family from Massachusetts fell head over heels for Luna and welcomed her into their loving home. Her new mom has been following her journey since the early days, and knew Luna would be the perfect addition to their family.

"We are really going to miss this little girl, but knowing she is going to such an amazing home puts a bandaid on our hearts. At the end of the day, it's not about us, it's about doing the right thing for these little babies."

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

Now, Luna has a new sister named Lani, who she gets to romp around with. The sweet tabby adores her forever family, especially her feline best friend.

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

"She is so very loved. That's what it's all about, that's my paycheck. She truly is living her happily ever after," Danielle shared with Love Meow.

Danielle @fostercatsandkittens

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