Kitten Found Near Castle Chooses This Guy to Be His Forever Human


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A tiny kitten was spotted near the Dracula's castle without a mom in sight. A man gave him a home, and the kitty held his hand as if he said "Thank you".

Courtesy: Paul White

"We decided to stay in the village of Bran (Transylvania, Romania) for a couple of nights, but all our plans during our stay there changed after a chance meeting with a kitten," Paul White shared on his blog.

As he was photographing the castle he saw three dogs desperately trying to enter an unoccupied compound. They were digging under the gate, attempting to get in. "Only two metres away was a scared little kitten only weeks old with no siblings or a protective mother. We shooed the dogs away and then waited to see if Mum would return," White added.

Courtesy: Paul White

They sat with the kitten, waiting for the mom cat to come claim her baby, but she never did. They decided it was time to bring him to a safer place where he could be cared for, but first, they had to figure out how to get into the compound.

"The house was derelict and the surrounding fence chained," White said. "A young local boy saw us looking into the compound and came over. When he saw the kitten he scaled over the fence and retrieved it for us."

Courtesy: Paul White

They transported the kitten in a shopping basket and took him back to their hotel. "After gulping down some milk he was soon asleep and never woke until morning. He must have been exhausted after such a traumatic day, but at least it ended well."

Courtesy: Paul White

They named the little kitten Putyika. He took to his human, placed his paws on his hand, and purred up a storm.

"You are my forever human now."

Courtesy: Paul White

What a handsome kitty he's become! "Putyika has been a good cat and loved by all our neighbours," White told Love Meow.

"He certainly looks like a cat that should be patrolling Vlad the Impaler's castle!"

Courtesy: Paul White

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