Scaredy Kitten Feels Love, What a Difference After Just a Few Pets

Scaredy Kitten Feels Love, What a Difference After Just a Few Pets


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When a tiny stray kitten showed up at an office in Florida, the employees worked together to help him feel comfortable.

He went from being scaredy to comfortably chowing down his first meal offered by his human friends.

Photo: OccamsCudgel

They spotted a tiny black kitten at their office and rescued him and brought him inside. The little kitten was so timid that he cowered in the corner and didn't touch the food and water they prepared for him.

The mother cat was nowhere to be found. "We looked for her and couldn't find her," reddit user OccamsCudgel said.

"We moved the lid partially over the top to help with the scared feelings."

Photo: OccamsCudgel

After a while, one of the employees slowly came up to him and gave him a little snuggle and it changed everything.

He was a bit confused at first, but as soon as he felt the touch, he felt the love.

Photo: OccamsCudgel

They could see the fear going away in his eyes as the employee comforted the kitten.

Photo: OccamsCudgel

The kitty started to relax and even enjoy the company of his new friends.

He headed over to the food bowl...

Photo: OccamsCudgel

The little buddy was very hungry.

One of the employees whose husband is a vet took the kitten home to foster. They gave him a checkup and helped the little guy find his forever loving home.

Photo: OccamsCudgel

The scaredy little kitten was turned around by love.

Look at that adorable face!

Photo: OccamsCudgel

What love can do!

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