Stray Kitten So Scared He Hides in Jacket, Then A Few Hours After Adoption...

Stray Kitten So Scared He Hides in Jacket, Then A Few Hours After Adoption...


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A little ginger kitten was so scared that he hid himself in his rescuer's jacket and didn't want to move. A few hours after arriving in his new home, everything changed.

Photo: Kelsey_Ann

Reddit user Kelsey_Ann went to the theater for the holiday but came home with a frightened kitten.

"The theater we went to is miles from housing and surrounded by fields and businesses," Kelsey_Ann said. "We did look for others just in case if there are any other kittens."

The little ginger stray was very scared and froze in the corner when they found him.

"It was a pretty pathetic sight when we found him. He was literally hugged as close as he could to a corner wall in a walkway in the back of the theater.

"My mom said she thinks he was trying to make himself as invisible as possible."

Photo: Kelsey_Ann

Just 10 hours after she brought him home, the fear on his face just faded away. He warmed up and began to show some playfulness and gave her rescuer a lot of cuddles.

Napping in his new bed.

Photo: Kelsey_Ann

After the rescue, he demanded to snuggle with his human mom every night in bed.

"(I) cuddled him and he started purring...," Kelsey_Ann said.

Photo: Kelsey_Ann

They named him Atlas.

He quickly bonded with the family dog, who took the little feline buddy under his wing.

It's good to have a friend to nap and cuddle with.

Photo: Kelsey_Ann

Best of friends!

Photo: Kelsey_Ann

It's hard to believe this is the same frightened kitten they found at the theater. He's turned into a cuddle bug and a purr machine.

"Crazy what some love, food, and toys will do!"

Photo: Kelsey_Ann

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