Kitten Rescued as Orphan, Finds Family to Love and Other Kittens to Cuddle

Kitten Rescued as Orphan, Finds Family to Love and Other Kittens to Cuddle


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At 1-2 days old, Frito the kitten was brought to a shelter, all alone. A family took him home and turned his life around.

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

A little newborn kitten was turned in to the San Jose Animal Care Center after he was found without a mom.

Tram Bui, a shelter staff member, immediately reached out to volunteers at Mini Cat Town, a local rescue group she co-founded, and asked if someone could take him in.

Laura Malone of Mini Cat Town, who specializes in caring for neonatal kittens, stepped up to help.

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

"I had space and no one else could help him. Single bottle babies who are that young, are always rescued last because their care is so time-consuming," Laura told Love Meow.

She took him home and started feeding him every two hours.

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

With round-the-clock bottle feedings and plenty of love and cuddles to go around, Frito blossomed and became more playful each day.

He didn't want to be alone and was eager for attention and playtime.

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

Knowing that he needed a friend, they decided to introduce him to a litter of foster kittens his age.

"He started to want more playtime before the other kittens were ready. So, we let him meet our older foster kittens."

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

"I was worried that the older kittens would be too rough. However, I was surprised that they were super gentle and accepting of him," Laura told Love Meow.

"Frito is four weeks and Burberry and Ralph are eight weeks. Ralph especially likes him and will groom him."

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

The ginger boy is much smaller but he is constantly learning from his older siblings, trying to mirror them when they play.

Watch Frito and his siblings in this cute video:

My Movie

"Ralph and Burberry seem to understand that he is small and they are careful around him. He, on the other hand, loves to observe their play and at one point, I caught him mimicking their crab walks!"

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

When Frito takes a nap in his cozy incubator, Ralph will be guarding outside, protecting him.

They adore their little adopted brother.

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

Frito is making strides every day. He enjoys sitting in Laura's lap and watching his older siblings play.

He used to be alone by himself, and now he has all the friends in the house.

Laura Malone @fosterkittyfamily

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