Man Saves a Tiny Kitten who Becomes His Purrfect Partner

Man Saves a Tiny Kitten who Becomes His Purrfect Partner


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A tiny rescued kitten found his way onto a man's shoulder and decided he would be his partner for life.

The kitty has gotten so much bigger now!

Meet Squirt the cat and his human Cody.

Cody Garrett @donutoperator

Back in May, a tiny ginger kitten found his forever human after he was rescued from the dumpster on a rainy day.

"Some other officers found Squirt and knew I had a nursing cat (named Toothless) at home," Officer Cody Garrett said. "I went ahead and took Squirt in. Toothless took to Squirt very well."

On the day they met each other. Squirt snuggled up to Cody on his shoulder for some much-need TLC.

"(He) thought the stache was (his) mom."

Cody Garrett @donutoperator

Cody has several animals in the house and they are all rescues.

"Toothless is all strung out on the catnip I gave her for being such an awesome mom," Cody said. "Squirt and Keanu are pretty happy though."

Cody Garrett @donutoperator

Squirt getting bigger and more playful each day.

Cody Garrett @donutoperator

He loves to curl up in a ball and nap in his human's lap.

But whenever Cody isn't looking, he will hop onto his seat and claim it as his own.

"It's mine now."

Cody Garrett @donutoperator

"He's gone from a sad rescue kitty to happy little guy that doesn't leave his brother (Keanu) alone."

Squirt on day one vs. last week.

Cody Garrett @donutoperator

Squirt now! What a handsome looking fella!

Cody Garrett @donutoperator

Happy little Squirt!

Squirt won't leave his brother alone :).

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