Stray Kitten Runs Across Road, Crawls Up onto Officer's Shoulder and Won’t Let Go

Stray Kitten Runs Across Road, Crawls Up onto Officer's Shoulder and Won’t Let Go


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A tiny stray kitten ran out from an interaction, crawled up onto an Officer and wouldn't let go.

Jennifer Dotson

Last Wednesday, Officer Jennifer Dotson from Gaffney Police Department (in South Carolina) was directing traffic at the scene of a devastating car collision when she heard a kitten meowing.

"A tiny voice cried out to me from the brush by the guardrail across the (8-lane) intersection," Dotson told Love Meow.

The meowing continued for a while. She shined her flashlight over and spotted two reflective eyes looking right in her direction. She decided to meow back and see if the kitten would come to her.

"I answered back a few times. Surprisingly, this tiny kitten came running straight for me across the entire road, crawled up my pants and onto my shoulder. She wrapped herself around my neck like a hug."

Jennifer Dotson

Dotson couldn't believe what just happened but was glad to see the kitten safe with her. After searching around the area for other kitties but to no avail, she went back to her cruiser with a purring kitten snuggling on her shoulder.

She couldn't leave her out there, fending for herself. "She was alone and I knew she deserved a home," Dotson told Love Meow.

Jennifer Dotson

By the end of her shift, she brought the kitten home with her and made her a permanent part of her family.

The kitten, who was aptly named Bravely, quickly settled into her new abode.

Jennifer Dotson

She was incredibly adventurous and rambunctious from the start, checking every nook and cranny and running around her new home like she owned it.

Bravely decided to inspect Dotson's shoes as her new feline partner in training.

Jennifer Dotson

The kitten was introduced to her canine friend, Sammy, who was a bit unsure at first, but the fearless kitty was excited and just wanted to play.

Jennifer Dotson

Dotson left the intersection that day with a little stray kitten on her shoulder, purring up a storm.

"She climbed up to my shoulder and wrapped herself around my neck like a hug. She definitely chose me."

Jennifer Dotson

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