Kittens Find Cutest Little Caretaker Who Has Been with Cats Since He was Born

Kittens Find Cutest Little Caretaker Who Has Been with Cats Since He was Born


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Ash, who is growing up with cats around him, has become the cutest caretaker to kittens in need.

Ash and his foster kittensAthina @rukasthecat

Ash (2) has always been surrounded by cats since he was born. His mother Athina is an animal rescuer and the founder of Jersey Kitty Rescue Network. Some of their resident cats are rescues or with special needs.

Shortly after Ash made his debut into the world, Athina's cat, Lt. Dan with paralyzed back legs came to greet the little new fella.

"He was Ash's first feline friend," Athina told Love Meow.

cat and tiny humanLt. Dan the cat was Ash's first feline friendAthina @rukasthecat

In no time, the rest of the resident cats gathered around him. They took turns to keep their little human company and even offered a few licks on his hand.

Casper the cat was there during many of Ash's feedings and volunteered to watch over him when he napped.

cat and tiny humanCasper the cat keeps Ash company when he napsAthina @rukasthecat

Athina, who regularly brings kittens home to foster, quickly noticed her son's interest in those animals in need.

"When he turned one, we let him hold, pet them in a supervised environment. Ash was very attentive and knew they were different from the older cats. He was enamored by them," Athina shared with Love Meow.

cat and tiny humanCasper the cat guards and protects his little human brotherAthina @rukasthecat

"Ash would see me clean and feed the kitties. He always wanted to help and make sure they had food and water, which was so sweet. I would scoop our flushable litter in the toilet and he insisted on flushing."

While he is getting bigger, his sense of responsibility is also growing. Athina reminds him to be gentle with the kittens, and Ash has learned to handle them with care and shower them with kisses.

young caretaker, foster kittensAsh adores kittens in need and tries to care for themAthina @rukasthecat

With plenty of guidance, Ash is able to provide that tender loving care to the foster kittens, and has become the smallest feline caretaker in the family.

Watch Ash and his feline friends in this cute video:

Ash the little feline caretaker and his foster

"As much as he loves them, he's still a toddler, and it's a constant learning experience for him," Athina shared with Love Meow.

He gives them kisses and gentle hugsAthina @rukasthecat

The kittens adore their little human just as much as he does them. They purr up a storm when he snuggles them and even try to nuzzle into his neck to be up close and personal.

"Ash has interacted with about 50 kittens since he was born. He always surprises us when he is with them."

Athina @rukasthecat

"He will count how many kittens there are, point out their features, and discuss how they are brothers and sisters."

He will coo and talk to the kittens in a soft tone, and the little ones immediately gravitate towards him. Ash loves gently cradling a foster kitten in his arms and rubbing his face on them to comfort them.

The little calico enjoys her cuddle sessions with Ash and soaking up the love. Athina @rukasthecat

Ash, the cat man in the making, continues to give hugs and kisses to his furry friends every day.

Ash hugs his best friend Tomato the catAthina @rukasthecat

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