Kittens Found Holding Each Other and Wouldn't Let Go, These Photos Will Melt Your Heart..

Kittens Found Holding Each Other and Wouldn't Let Go, These Photos Will Melt Your Heart..


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Two kittens were found together without a mom. They were fending for each other and never apart. Rescuers took them off the streets and gave them a second chance at life.

Meet Bane and Ines.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

The 5-week old kittens had survived living in the wild without a mother. They were scared, emaciated and infested with fleas and parasites. When they were discovered, the duo held onto each other and wouldn't let go.

The two best friends were taken to Chatons Orphelins Montreal (Orphan Kittens Montreal) where they were given the medical attention they needed.

For the first time, they no longer needed to worry about food and a safe place to stay. The two feline friends quickly blossomed.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

"Bane and Ines are two little endearing kittens who have a strong bond. Ines always makes sure Bane isn't far away, and Bane takes care and cuddles with his little sister."

The two best friends learned to play with other cats and socialize with people at their foster home. They came out of their shells and made a lot of progress together.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

It was clear from the start that the two kittens are inseparable and must stay together.

The two buddies can't stand being away from each other even for a minute.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Bane is a protector and Ines is a cuddler.

They are always seeking each other.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

The rescue group found the pair a forever loving home together.

They will never be apart.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

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