Kitty with a Quirky Face Finds Forever Human Who Adores Everything About Him


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This kitty with a quirky little face found a human mom who loves everything about him!

Meet George the cat!

Courtesy: @mycat_george

George had a rough beginning to his life.

"He was attacked by an unknown animal as a homeless kitten and an elderly couple found him and saved his life," Kaitlin Zezeski told Love Meow.

"He was in a few rescues before I found him at Griffin Pond. I fell in love immediately when I saw his photo on Petfinder. I called the shelter so many times that week to make sure he was still available!"

"He is SUCH a goofball, he makes me laugh so much.

Courtesy: @mycat_george

He was a bit scared when he came to his new home. But with love, it changed everything.

George was not very snuggly the first few months Kaitlin had him. "He would snuggle next to me but never on me or with me."

"One day he jumped on the couch and I pet him, expecting him to jump back down. Instead, he curled up on my lap! My heart just melted because I know he finally trusted me now he won't give me a moment alone! If he wants to snuggle he will make you snuggle. But in all reality, who could resist George snuggles."

Courtesy: @mycat_george

"The only time I don't see George is when I go to bed. He prefers to sleep in the living room. Otherwise he is always at my side. When I cook, he sits in the sink. When I bake, he lays on the stove because it's warm from the oven. When I shower, there's George with a wet head!"

Courtesy: @mycat_george

"He loves attention, luckily he has 4 fur siblings to keep him occupied. He's super chatty in the morning when he's hungry! He jumps on my night stand and starts knocking things over until I wake up to feed him. He's very curious, he needs to inspect everything!"

Courtesy: @mycat_george


Courtesy: @mycat_george

"The skinny little love bug has certainly plumped up into the king of the house!

"Although he his eyes are crossed, he is missing part of his mustache and you can see where they put his face back together, he's a healthy guy!"

Courtesy: @mycat_george

Courtesy: @mycat_george

Paws in the air!

Courtesy: @mycat_george

George loves his human mom.

"He grooms me everyday," Kaitlin said.

Courtesy: @mycat_george

"I'm proud to be his cat mom and can't encourage cat lovers enough to adopt the less adoptable. You're likely to find the most rewarding relationship of your life!"

Courtesy: @mycat_george

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