Lacy the Kitty Found Forever Home

Lacy the Kitty Found Forever Home


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Written by ©Janine Gardner.

Lacy is about 5 months old; I got her right before Christmas. We walked into a friend's house and there were 3 black & white kittens on the couch...I picked up Lacy and instantly fell in love. I jokingly said, "No one will notice if I just take her with me, right?" and then I was told that they were looking for homes. Yay! On the day I brought her home, she sat on my lap for the entire car ride.

She is a funny, sweet, crazy kitty who runs around the house growling like a bear when she's in a playful mood, and she loves to run & slide on the hardwood floor in the hallway. She also sits upright on her haunches a lot more than any other cat I've seen. She reminds me of a prairie dog or a ferret when she does it! She's a kneader...and she gets in such lovable moods that she lifts her paws up and kneads the air if I don't get to her quickly enough to commence the petting :)

Photos courtesy of ©Janine Gardner (Janine's ArtFire Site).

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