Landscaper Works Tirelessly to Save Cat Caught Under Cement


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A landscaper worked tirelessly pounding and chipping away concrete to save the life of a feline friend.


Boo the cat got stuck under ground when she was curiously trying to check out the work being done in her backyard. She got in through a crack made for the family pool.

They were able to locate the cat with help from an infrared camera. Peggy Tabachka was so relieved when she heard her cat meow and said she would do anything to get Boo above ground again.


"I don’t care about the concrete. It could collapse the pool. If she’s alive, I want her out of there," she said.

A local landscaper was called in to rescue the cat. After a lot of pounding and chipping away the concrete, he was finally able to reach Boo and got her out unscathed.


John Depace the landscaper was so happy to save Boo that he decided not to charge the family for the work. "I have two dogs and a cat, so I know how she feels and I would've done the same thing," he said.


Watch the full story in this video:

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