Little Cat's Rescue Story

Little Cat's Rescue Story


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Lars saw Little Cat when he was wandering on the street by himself. He couldn't leave the little one alone, so decided to ask around and see if he belonged to anybody. No one claimed the little kitten. Lars thought he would take him home with him.

"It was around the end of May. He was all alone and I had to do something about it."

Little Cat was a bit untrusting at first. He took refuge right away when he arrived in his new home and did not want to come out. Lars patiently waited and prepared food and water and a litter box so he could come out whenever he felt comfortable to do so. Lars stayed by his side, trying everything he could to earn his trust.

"It took him about 2 days to finally let his guard down and accept my roommate and me to be his friends. Right now he absolutely loves sitting on our lap."

"I talked to Little Cat the other day that I would take care of him and I will be there for him and he will never be alone again."

Photos courtesy of ©Lars.

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