Little Sidewalk Miracle Kitten


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Mimi the calico is a miracle kitty who was found on the sidewalk just hours after she was born. She was so tiny but the little one wouldn't give up living. "Her eyes were still closed and her umbilical cord was attached," said Ilan P. who rescued Mimi and nursed her back to health. His dog Peki also gave him a big helping paw.

"It was challenging and fascinating to care for her and see how she developed from that tiny helpless little newborn. Eventually she became part of the family," Ilan added.

Photos by Ilan Palatin (flickr: ilan99).

Mimi the calico was found on the sidewalk just hours after she was born.

Photo by Ilan Palatin

They kept her warm with a soft cloth...

Photo by Ilan Palatin

and nursed her back to health.

Photo by Ilan Palatin

Peki the dog gave his human a big helping hand. He bathed her...

Photo by Ilan Palatin

...played with her...

Photo by Ilan Palatin

...and watched over her when she napped.

Photo by Ilan Palatin

Mimi loved her home and all the love she could get.

Photo by Ilan Palatin

All grown up now. This miracle baby has become a gorgeous cat.

Photo by Ilan Palatin


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