Little Tuxedo, Miss Purrsonality

Little Tuxedo, Miss Purrsonality


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Natalia the tuxedo is tiny and fuzzy, but what she lacks in size, she makes up in purrsonality. She always makes sure to charm her way into her humans hearts.

"Natty is ten weeks old today. She was the last born of a litter of five, but the first to show a real interest in her human caretakers. Indeed, she is a charmer and has definitely worked the cute-factor to make certain we would keep her. She's also the independent tomboy of the litter, all vim and vigor all of the time. She is always the first one to try something new and only misses an opportunity when she's power-napping between adventures," said Nina.

Photos courtesy of ©Nina (flickr: Flankatten). After a long day of playing, Natalia is ready to power recharge. Here she is planning her next move:

According to Nina, Natalia and her siblings have all found their forever homes.

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