Lola Little Tabby Kitten Found Forever Home

Lola Little Tabby Kitten Found Forever Home


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Written by ©Becky Bryan.

Lola is a 10 week old rescue. My husband and I were at PetCo to buy litter for our two 4 year old cats and a local a rescue group was there for adoption day. We decided "just to look." As soon as my husband held Lola he knew that he couldn't leave her. She was purring the instant he picked her up and climbed up to nuzzle his face.

After one week she was well adjusted to her new home with our other male and female cats (Mister and Missy). They both groom her and love her to death. We are all happier now that she is in our lives :).

Photos courtesy of ©Becky Bryan (flickr: becky.bryan).

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