Mail Carrier is "Greeted" by a Feisty Little Fella Every Day..

Mail Carrier is "Greeted" by a Feisty Little Fella Every Day..


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A mail carrier goes on her regular route and meets a tuxedo cat who "greets" her with a lot of cattitude.

"I love my job so much and this cat truly makes my day," Debra Anderson said.

Debra Anderson

Every day when Debra, a Canada Post Letter Carrier comes to drop off mails at this one particular house in a neighborhood in Hamilton, Ontario, she encounters a feisty tuxedo kitty who guards his house with a lot of ferocity.

"It is the highlight of my route and I love him! Scarier than any dog yet.... Pretty sure he would rip my face off if the glass window didn't keep him in."

This kitty is a better protector of the house than any alarm system out there. [Scroll down for videos]

Debra Anderson

Some cats would try to intimidate big animals or strangers outside their house as a way to guard their territory.

This fearless tuxedo boy guards his house from any intruders outside, but we are confident to say that with proper introduction--a few sniffs from the cat inside the house along with an offer of delicious treats from the human, they would be friends in no time.

Debra Anderson

No matter what, Debra adores her feisty feline client.

Watch Debra her daily encounter with the tuxedo cat:

Part 2:

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