Man Captures Moments of Him Being Chosen by Calico Stray He Met in Cornfield...

Man Captures Moments of Him Being Chosen by Calico Stray He Met in Cornfield...


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They say cats choose their humans. This is exactly what happened to this guy who met a calico cat in an unexpected way.

The little stray came out from a cornfield, walked up to the man and the rest is history.

Photo: NebulonsStyle

Reddit user NebulonsStyle found a little calico kitty hanging around in a cornfield.

He had seen a stray mother cat in the area, so he quickly knew this adorable kitten was probably one of her babies that had wandered off.

When the kitty saw the man, she wasn't afraid at all.

Photo: NebulonsStyle

The calico cat walked up to him and started meowing for attention.

"Maybe we can be friends?"

Photo: NebulonsStyle

Before he knew it, he was holding the little fluff ball in his arms, and the kitten was purring up a storm as if to say 'You are my human meow!'.

She was the only kitty in the field, and he couldn't leave her out there by herself.

Photo: NebulonsStyle

The man took her to the vet that day and they couldn't find a microchip.

"We knew which stray its mother was so there wasn't really any chance of it belonging to anyone, but had it done anyways just to be sure," he said via reddit. "And then she became mine."

Photo: NebulonsStyle

The kitty's all grown up now!

She is loving her indoor life.

Photo: NebulonsStyle

"Sometimes you don't choose your family... they choose you!"

Photo: NebulonsStyle

How did you and your kitty meet? Share this adorable story with your friends! (More info: reddit | imgur)

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