Man Tries to Find Kitten Home After Saving Her, But She Has Different Idea


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A tiny homeless kitten decided to hitch a ride to a work place inside a truck. An employee there rescued the kitten and offered to care for her until he would find her a forever loving home, but the kitten had a different idea.

Photo: gabulldawgfan

"She has come a long way since finding her in my bosse's truck!" reddit user gabulldawgfan said.

The little stray kitten had been hanging out in a neighborhood for a couple days before she crawled into the truck under the gas tank.

As soon as the young man got her out to safety, he volunteered to help her and make sure she would end up in a good home.

Initially he didn't want to give her a name as he was trying not to get too attached. The kitty, however, started clinging to her rescuer from day one, and hasn't stopped since.

Photo: gabulldawgfan

A couple weeks after they found each other, the kitty got her permanent name. It was clear that the tiny feline had decided where her home should be.

"She is now named Priscilla and I'm her human now!"

Photo: gabulldawgfan

Little Priscilla tells her human dad she's now his priority in life.

Photo: gabulldawgfan

She's even made a new friend.

Photo: gabulldawgfan

"This little girl makes me so happy. So glad she chose me after I rescued her!"

Photo: gabulldawgfan


4 months after they found each other!

Photo: gabulldawgfan

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