Munchkin and His Security Teddy

Munchkin and His Security Teddy


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Munchkin has a teddy bear that he always cuddles with when he naps. It's like his little security buddy that he holds so dear to.

Munchkin was abandoned by his cat mama when he was still a wee kitten. He weighed only 12 oz, and required feedings round the clock. "I never thought a kitten this age would bond so closely to humans as we have seen Munchkin do. He is truly a treasure and such a tiny yet enormous blessing to both of us," said Knight, who adopted little Munchkin.

Knight has rescued and brought home many homeless kitties. "It is always a bit costly to care for so many little animals, but the rewards are great when you learn how much they depend on you for care. It is a great feeling to hear the purrs of happiness and contentment," said Knight.

Photos by ©Knight Fox.

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