Orphan Kittens Saved From Inside The Walls

Orphan Kittens Saved From Inside The Walls


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A resident from an apartment complex in Dallas, Texas heard kitten cries from within the walls. "She fought to rescue them," said reddit user tjonesing who posted the story.

"Most likely they were born in the attic and wandered away from the mom and fell through the walls. It's the fireplace from the apartments below. This was right behind the fireplace on the top floor. It's possible that only these two got lost or fell. We're keeping our eyes open and listening in case there are any more."

"My friend is currently looking for an appropriate organization that is no kill and will accept these feral kittens and can provide the veterinary care and attention that they need. Failing that, she plans to take them to the vet herself (another friend has offered to partially pay the vet bills) and try to find them a forever home."

"After a few days of reporting the sounds to apartment maintenance, they came and created a hole this size. Here's phoebe helping us look for the kitties."

"Some wet food was put inside the hole to lure the scared kittens out. Here's the first glimpse of one of them. At this point it is clear that there is no mother."

"With confirmation of scared, orphaned kittens, the hole was enlarged (to the dismay of maintenance) and the kittens were retrieved one by one."

"There were two kittens and they were hungry."

Finally, safe and happy

Photos via imgur and reddit.

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