Orphan Kitty Finds Boxer to Be His New 'Mom'

Orphan Kitty Finds Boxer to Be His New 'Mom'


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Reginald the tiny kitten was rescued along with his sister Ursula. When he met Clyde the Boxer, he thinks this gentle giant is the "mother" he has never had.

"We got them both from our veterinary clinic. They're brother and sister and were found abandoned in the backyard of one of the employees there. We originally wanted only a male kitten to recreate the same dynamic that Clyde and our old cat, Bongo, had, but we ended up with both, which has turned out to be very cool," said Alicia.

Reginald cuddling for comfort

Clyde the boxer swoops in and takes him in as his own

"I look after you!"

Reginald and his new "mom"

Photos courtesy of ©Alicia M. More photos of Reginald and Ursula.

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