Orphaned Kitten Meowing for Mom until He Finds Canine Friend...


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A little orphaned kitten was meowing for his mom. When a Collie heard his cry, she took in the tiny fur baby and became his new mom.

Meet Molly and her kitten.

Molly the dog adores cats.

The family introduced her to the little motherless kitten, hoping they would get along… It was love at first sight. The kitten claimed her as his new mom right away.

They named the kitten Moses.

Photo: doihavetosignup

"He was abandoned when he was very little and found by (my mom)," reddit user doihavetosignup said.

Molly took the little kitten under her wing, and the two began to cuddle every day.

Photo: doihavetosignup

Half a year later, they are still cuddling.

Photo: doihavetosignup

They are completely inseparable.

Photo: doihavetosignup

Photo: doihavetosignup

They have another dog in the house, but Moses is Molly's cat and hers only.

Photo: doihavetosignup

Moses depended on Molly, his new mom, when he first came to his forever home.

Now Molly needs Moses too, and they give each other comfort and love.

Photo: doihavetosignup

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