Abandoned Kitten Crying for Mom Until He Meets Big Fluffy Collie...


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An abandoned kitten was crying for his mom. When a family put the little fur ball next to their cat loving dog, magic happened.

This little kitten was found abandoned by a family.

Molly the dog loves cats. When the family brought home a little orphaned kitten who was in need of a lot of motherly love, the collie stepped in and offered to help.

"My parents got a new kitten last week. They keep sending me pictures and calling to say how cute it is and how well the dog has accepted it... They were not lying," reddit user doihavetosignup wrote.

More info: reddit.

They introduced their cat loving dog Molly to the little feline friend, hoping they would get along.

It was love at first sight. The kitten immediately clung to his new mom like glue.

Molly is a very gentle dog and a fluffy warm rug for the kitten to nap on.

She loves her little feline baby and the kitty adores his new mom.

With Molly, the kitten is doing a lot better and feeling the love.

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