Orphaned Kittens Rescued from Garbage Find Protective Dog Mama to Love

Orphaned Kittens Rescued from Garbage Find Protective Dog Mama to Love


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Two tiny tuxedo kittens were found in the garbage meowing for their mom. A good Samaritan took them to a foster home, and their dog decided she would be their new mom.

Meet Terry and Jeri!

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

"The little tuxedo kittens were found in the garbage by a friend when they were only a few hours old," Kelly, foster mom, told Love Meow.

There was no mom cat in sight and the kittens were very vulnerable by themselves. "So my friend who found them brought them to me."

Kelly's dog Suzie is a big kitten lover. "She is used to me bringing home boxes of strange kittens. She acts very motherly towards them and is always very gentle."

48 hours later, the kittens made it through and began to thrive. "Jeri yells at me a lot. These two are going to be trouble.... I woke up for the middle of the night feeding and found them with Suzie."

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

"She was extra concerned about these guys and slept next to their box for days," Kelly told Love Meow.

Suzie keeps a close eye on the kittens. "I don't even need to look at them to know they are fine because Suzie alerts me when they move. Literally every. single. time."

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

This is how mealtime works...

"I try to feed, the kittens fight me and poop all over, I shout like I'm dying, Suzie looks at me like I'm the biggest disappointment in her life, I clean and prepare another bottle while she keeps them warm and then bam! Kittens are fed and they live to see another day," Kelly said.

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

Suzie loves Terry and Jeri like her own.

"She's been crazy protective. I've never seen her like this before," Kelly added.

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

Kelly's cat Kushi has tried to meet the kittens, but Suzie won't let him.

"She'll wake up out of a deep sleep the moment she hears Kush near them and chase him away. She's never chased Kush in her life. It's for the best though. The babies are far too young and fragile to meet him just yet."

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

Mama Suzie watching over her babies every step of the way.

Having a mother makes a big difference for these orphaned babies. Young kitties can't regulate their body temperature. Suzie always makes sure her kittens stay warm and comfy.

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

The little tuxedo kittens have come a long way. Their eyes are open, and they have learned to explore. Mama Suzie showers them with love and keep them clean and happy.

Look at Jeri's face! Full of mischief!

Courtesy: Kelly @suzie_and_kushi

Mama Suzie tries to take a nap, but little Terry wants her attention meow!

Suzie is very protective of her babies, keeping them safe and warm in her arms.

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