Panda Bear the Foster Tuxedo Kitten

Panda Bear the Foster Tuxedo Kitten


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Panda Bear was found along with two other kittens under a shed by a guy who eventually brought them to the Frederiction SPCA in Canada back in September, 2009. The man thought that "their mom had been hit by a car because the kittens had been alone for a few days." They were 3 weeks old when they were brought in. Jill Hudgins, their foster mom bottle fed Panda Bear and his siblings for a little while. Panda Bear got his name from his cute little markings. "We thought his markings made him look like a little panda."

Thanks to the people from Frederiction SPCA, Panda Bear and his litter mates have found forever homes.

Photos courtesy of Jill Hudgins (flickr: jillhudgins).

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