Police Officers Save Kittens And Care For Them

Police Officers Save Kittens And Care For Them


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At around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, Phoenix Police officers got a phone call about a litter of abandoned kittens. Officer Heather Krimm and her colleagues went to the rescue.

When officers arrived they discovered five newborn kittens in a dumpster. "(Officer Krimm) attempted to place the kittens with a local Emergency Animal Clinic but the clinic could not take them," Phoenix Police department wrote.

She consulted the Arizona Humane Society and her department so that she could take the kittens home to care for them. "Officer Krimm will care for the kittens until a foster family can be found and they can be put up for adoption."

Office Heather Krimm from Phoenix Police department nursing a litter of kittens rescued from a dumpster.

She took them home to care for them.

Kittens feeling comfy and happy at their surrogate home.

Photos by City of Phoenix Police Department.

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