Poppy the 3-legged Rescue Cat Inspires with Her Story

Poppy the 3-legged Rescue Cat Inspires with Her Story


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No one knows what exactly Poppy had gone through before her rescue, but this little furry fighter is so full of life, despite having only 3 legs.

Small Miracle Cat & Dog Rescue wrote:

"This is our little Poppy. She is a lucky little lady. Only about 5-6 months old... She came in with a huge injury to her radial nerve in her left front leg. She had come from a dangerous neighborhood in Baltimore-we don't know if she is a victim of abuse or just bad luck. We gave her a couple of weeks to see if her leg would recover but the vet determined that the situation was deteriorating."

They finally made the decision that was best for Poppy. "The decision was made to amputate... The leg was amputated at 5pm on Friday, and the kitten was already purring and hopping into my lap by 8:30pm the same night.... The surgery went very well and Poppy is comfortably recovering in foster care, happy to inspire anyone she can with her positive attitude."

"She is such a loving girl that we are confident someone will fall in love very soon." What Poppy needs now is her forever loving home. She is available for adoption.

Poppy rescued with an injured leg that couldn't be saved. Today she loves life despite only having 3 legs.

Watch Poppy the 3 legged cat playing:

Photos by Small Miracle Cat & Dog Rescue (Facebook)

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