Rescue Cat Takes to Orphaned Tabby and Won’t Let Go


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When a rescue cat and a tiny orphaned tabby found each other, they bonded and became family.

Photo: @taylormyj

A tiny orphaned tabby was very fragile and weak when she came to @taylormyj. The young lady nursed her back to health. After she introduced her ginger and white cat to the little kitten, her cat grew very curious about this tiny ball of fur and soon fell in love.

She was always by the little tabby's side, guarding her while she napped.

Photo: @taylormyj

When the tabby finally accepted her love with open arms, they cuddled up to each other and wouldn't let go. They fell asleep together like that.

Photo: @taylormyj

From that day on, they became inseparable friends.

Photo: @taylormyj

The loving older cat adores her little adopted sibling, watching over her every step of the way.

Photo: @taylormyj

The happiness when they have each other.

Photo: @taylormyj

The older cat came to her family after she and her siblings were pulled from the shelter and rescued by her human, now she's passing on the love to her little furry friend.

Photo: @taylormyj

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