Rescue Dog Mama Insists 5 Orphan Kittens Belong to Her


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As soon as these five tiny orphan kittens arrived in their foster home in Louisiana, they were adopted by a foster dog mama who just gave birth to her own litter.

Kitties' foster mom wrote via reddit: The mama dog I've been fostering insisted these orphan kittens belong to her. I still give them a bottle every 3 hours of kitten formula. It does help to have the mama dog cleaning them and keeping them warm and feeling safe.... She loves (the kittens), the gets upset when I pick them up to bottle feed them. If they fall out of the bed she picks them up and puts them back in.

Photos via reddit.

Rescue dog mama adopted 5 tiny orphan kitties and insisted that they belong to her.

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All happy now!

Puppy and kitten bonding moment

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