3 Orphaned Kittens Cure Mama Dog’s Broken Heart After She Lost Her Only Pup

3 Orphaned Kittens Cure Mama Dog’s Broken Heart After She Lost Her Only Pup


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Three orphaned kittens needed a mother to feed and love them. A mama dog lost their own puppy and was devastated to find someone to care for. When they found each other, they became each other's saving grace.

Meet Greta and her feline babies.

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Greta, a six-year-old Papillon was in grievance over the loss of her puppy. On Monday July 11, she gave birth to a singleton pup who was a stillborn. She stopped eating and would venture outside the house searching for her puppies. The Papillon mom was extremely depressed.

"She hadn't even eaten since Monday… In desperation I contacted an amazing lady, Inge Sadler who runs Pick of the litter Society a rescue for orphaned kittens," Shana Snow said.

The three kittens were rescued from a certain death when they were still newborns. When Inge learned about Greta, she decided to pair her up with the three rescue fur babies.

Courtesy: Shana Snow

"10 minutes after getting her new babies she ate a full meal. Greta is now the proud mama of Brenna, Dexter and Evan," Shana said.

"No dogs can go near their pen. She will not leave them...even to go outside. She is absolutely devoted."

Courtesy: Shana Snow

The moment she became mama again, she found joy and started eating like a champ because she knew she had three babies that count on her.

Courtesy: Shana Snow

"The furry family is doing great," Shana told Love Meow. "They really are so happy together!"

Cuddling with her pride and joy!

Courtesy: Shana Snow

Watch the story in this video:

Mama Greta is giving her feline babies baths and love.

We can learn a lot from our furry friends. Pass it on!

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