5-year-old Girl Helps Save Kitten, They Can't Stop Cuddling

5-year-old Girl Helps Save Kitten, They Can't Stop Cuddling


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A 5-year-old girl helped save a tiny tabby kitten who was found on the road. They have been inseparable since.

Meet Cyborg the kitten!

Courtesy: Laney Van Antwerp-Nava

"A friend called me Friday night to let me know that there was what she believed to be a newborn kitten whose eyes weren't even open yet. She said it kept wandering into the road, and she was scared that it would get run over," Laney Van Antwerp-Nava told Love Meow.

When she saw the kitten, she realized that the tiny fur baby was actually about 4-6 weeks old. "His eyes weren't open because they were stuck shut with dried mucus."

She took the kitten home and began the process of cleaning his eyes. Though they managed to help him open his eyes, they were shut again the next morning.

Parker, Laney's daughter, offered to help. She stayed with the kitten and kept him in her arms.

Courtesy: Laney Van Antwerp-Nava

"My veteranarian wasn't able to see us as his Saturday was already fully booked, so I decided to take Cyborg to the emergency vet. A few hours later, he had a (vitamin) B-12 shot, got deworming medicine, subcutaneous fluids, an antibiotic, and prescrition eye drops," Laney said.

While the kitten was on the mend, Parker was with him the whole time. "Parker has informed me that he's her baby now."

Courtesy: Laney Van Antwerp-Nava

The bond between the two buddies has become stronger than ever.

The kitten purrs up a storm when she cuddles with him. She will stay by his side until he falls asleep. "She's already very attached to him, and has been helping a lot with his care."

Courtesy: Laney Van Antwerp-Nava

Parker grew up with adult cats adopted from the shelter. Little Cyborg is the very first kitten she has ever had. "She's never really had a chance to bond with a cat the way she's been able to with Cyborg," Laney told Love Meow.

"Cyborg refuses to not be in someone's lap." He is a total lovebug!

Courtesy: Laney Van Antwerp-Nava

"Even after just two days on his meds, he's eating well on his own finally, and is starting to get his energy back!

"He played for a few minutes last night before conking out, so I imagine we're about to have a full-fledged active kitten on our hands!"

There's nothing Cyborg loves more than snuggling with his little sister.

Parker is so happy to have a furry buddy to grow up with!

Best friends for life!

Courtesy: Laney Van Antwerp-Nava

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