Rescue Kitten Lost an Eye but Found Love in Blind Cat

Rescue Kitten Lost an Eye but Found Love in Blind Cat


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A tiny abandoned kitten lost an eye, but gained a friend, a blind cat, who took her in and loved her as his own.

A couple of kind Samaritans from New York found this little grey kitten in a garbage can. The kitten seemed to have been crying for quite some time. "They brought her to the nearest pet store whose owner called me," said Eva, an avid animal rescuer from Brooklyn, New York. The poor kitty has severe eye infection, but otherwise was healthy and plump. The next morning, the kitty lost her eye, but a guardian angel named Lisa V. came to the rescue. "(Lisa) stopped by, cleaned up the eye and applied anti-infection ointment. The kitten is eating up a storm, climbing out of its box and rolls around happily," Eva wrote on her flickr.

A few weeks after her rescue, the kitty (named Pussy Willow) recovered like a champ. Her eye had healed up and she had really grown. While she was staying at her foster home, she met Smudge, a blind cat who is a cat resident at the house. They quickly bonded.

Though Smudge can't see at all, he had no problem babysitting his little one-eyed friend. Willow was in love with her "dad" that she never had. "She loves to bury herself in his tail, fur and always sleeps with him," Eva added.

Today Pussy Willow is living happily at her forever loving home thanks to Lisa, Eva and Sherrie.

Pussy Willow the kitten and her foster dad Smudge who is a happy blind cat

Photos by Eva and Sherrie. Follow their rescue stories via flickr.

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