Rescue Kitten Thinks Dog Is Mama

Rescue Kitten Thinks Dog Is Mama


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A rescue kitten finds a dog to be her new mom. They cuddle together and are completely inseparable.

TheHalenstone wrote on YouTube:

The kitten, was about 10 days old (eyes barely open), when we found her next to an open field, in a thunderstorm, about to crawl across a busy road, we where driving on to get home from my parents, named Tanner Rd. So we appropriately named her Tanner. I just caught her out of the corner of my eye, and actually passed her up and had to turn around. She was cold, muddy, and soaking wet. We looked for her mama, who must have been a stray moving her litter out of the rain, but after a few minutes we decided she had a better chance with us.

She was obviously frightened, freezing, in shock, and hungry, so as you can imagine it was nothing but cry, cry, cry, eat, cry, cry, cry, sleep, cry, cry, cry. UNTIL, one day Farrah & Scully, our two dogs, started laying next to her. Tanner would crawl into their tummy, tail, neck, anywhere she could cuddle up and she would feel comforted. Since then, they are all inseparable, and moments like this happen quite often.

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