Rescue One-eared Cat Finds Love and Happiness

Rescue One-eared Cat Finds Love and Happiness


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A ginger cat lost her ear while straying in the wild. She was rescued and ended up at Petsmart. One day, she met someone who couldn't go home without her. "I made it my solemn duty to spoil her until she was fat and happy. It's going well," said reddit user happythoughts413.

"She was living under an abandoned car with her kittens and a nearby family was leaving her food. They heard her crying one day and went out to find her bleeding. They're not sure what attacked her, but since we're in a city best guess says feral tomcats or a dog, maybe a raccoon. They took her to the vet's, where they stitched her up and put her up for adoption.

Along comes me, going to Petsmart one Saturday to grab some food for my cat and hedgehog and look at the dogs, as I was considering adopting one. None of the dogs really spoke to me, so I went to visit the kitties for fun. All of them were kittens except for one skinny ginger tabby with one ear that one of the volunteers was petting. I stopped to say hello to her, and they tell me the story. I hold the kitty. I realize that I was probably getting another cat from the moment I laid eyes on her.

Fast forward a few months. I visit the same Petsmart and stop by the kitties. They recognize me. 'Oh, you adopted Jade! We've actually got her kitten here today!'

I'd assumed none of them made it, so this news more or less made my month. I proceed to pet her baby, who was a little ginger tabby, less fluffy, but super playful, and then go home and pet her a lot while telling her what a good mommy she was and definitely not crying at the same time."

"She's a great cat, really... She curls up right against you and lets you pull her closer if you want. Never had a cat who does that.... If you're sad you can use her as a pillow and she lies there and purrs. I love her much."

She was so much skinnier when she was brought home.

Her name is Jade, the one eared cat

Her throne

Getting spoiled and loved

Sharing her bed with her human

What her human mom wakes up to

Happy and loved

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