Scooter Becomes a Therapy Cat

Scooter Becomes a Therapy Cat


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Remember the story we covered on Scooter, the cat with a wheelchair? I just received an update from the Harts Run Veterinary Hospital that Scooter has been adopted by a veterinarian from Northview Animal Hospital in Ross. He is now living in his forever home :-).

What's so great about Scooter is that he has become a therapy cat at the Children's Home & Lemieux Family Center in Pennsylvania. There are children there suffering from cerebral palsy, cancer, seizure disorder or other ailments. Also, Scooter has been traveling to various rehabilitation hospitals for the past year, helping children and showing them what a role model he can be.

Scooter has become an inspiration to many children with illness. Though Scooter is partially paralyzed, he does not let it bother him a bit. The little girl from the picture is an example of how Scooter is giving so much hope to these children.

...the girl, who has cerebral palsy, leaned down to spin a wheel on the partially paralyzed cat's "kitty wheelchair," similar to the one Aleyna uses.

- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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