Senior Cat And Dog Lived Together Their Entire Lives, Looking For Home


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A cat and dog duo came to the Nevada Humane Society after their owner suddenly encountered tough times, and as seniors they were given up.

Bwaney, a Persian cat, and Monkey Man, a Chow mix have lived together their entire lives. NHS staff knew that they had to keep them together.

Bwaney is 9 years old whereas Monkey Man is 7. They share a strong bond and are totally inseparable. "These two animals are truly best friends and they really do deserve a home together," said Kimberly Chandler, the Communications Manager at NHS.

Despite being seniors, they still act like young kittens and puppies. "He (Monkey Man) just has such a desire to please people…. (Bwaney) is very accepting of people coming in and getting to know him."

Now these two best friends are waiting for a special family to take them home.

Bwaney the cat (9 yrs old) and Monkey Man (7 yrs old), lived together their entire lives, were given up and came to the Nevada Humane Society

They are totally inseparable and love people. Despite their age, they play like kittens and puppies, young at heart.

What they need now is a forever loving home.

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Source: News4.

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