shelter cat chooses woman to adopt

Shelter Cat Asks to Be Petted and Loved Through Glass, the Human Doesn't Stand a Chance..


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When a young woman came to the shelter with her brother, she wasn't planning to adopt another cat, but when she met a kitty through the glass cage, it was that moment she knew she had been chosen.

"The exact moment I fell in love with him."

shelter cat chooses woman to adoptCourtesy of Samanthajane92

She was at the shelter to help her little brother find a kitten to adopt, but a Siamese cat sitting in the glass cage above the kittens caught her eye.

"When I first saw him in the shelter, I could see how lonely he was. When I put my hand up against the glass, he rubbed his head where it was, trying to pet himself through the glass," Samanthajane92 told Love Meow.

"It broke my heart and I couldn't leave him."

Before the kitty came to the shelter, he spent quite some time living on the street.

He's around eight. No one knows how he ended up as a stray, but one thing Samanthajane92 knows for sure - the kitty will have a loving home for the rest of his life.

Courtesy of Samanthajane92

He was named Abraham Lincoln. "I named him after Abe because his resting face is very stately." Abraham was very skinny when she brought him home, but he warmed up to the new environment very quickly and got healthier and stronger every day.

On his way to his new home!

shelter cat chooses woman to adoptCourtesy of Samanthajane92

6 months after the adoption.

"He's doing a lot better now. He loves sunbathing and drippy faucets," and will meow and nudge his human's leg until she turns the bathtub faucet on to the perfect amount of drip to drink out of. "I really love having him."

shelter cat chooses woman to adoptCourtesy of Samanthajane92

"Sometimes you don't choose your family. They choose you!"

Captioned by cataddictsannomymouse

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