stray cat walks into home

They Open the Door to Get Package, Cat Walks in and Makes Herself at Home


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When a family opened the door to accept a package, a kitty walked right in and made herself at home. "We live in an apartment complex in a pretty dense neighborhood with A TON of stray cats," BevoDDS said.

They thought the kitty was a stray since she has a clipped ear. "(My sister is) a vet and said that our local SPCA picks up strays, fixes them, then drops them back off in their ZIP code."

They put up some signs just in case and named her Zelda. They planned to keep her if no one called to claim her.

stray cat walks into homePhoto: BevoDDS

A month later...

Zelda hasn't left the family and is there to stay forever. She clearly picked her home from the start!

"Zelda staying warm on my legs."

stray cat walks into homePhoto: BevoDDS

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