Dog Took Cat Out of Shelter and Becomes His Bodyguard for Life


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A puppy picked a kitten at the shelter to be her forever friend, and now she is his bodyguard for life.

Meet Woodhouse the cat and Raven the dog!

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

Raven the Tamaskan took Woodhouse the tabby cat out of the shelter and into their loving home.

Christina and her boyfriend Vincent gave their puppy four kittens to choose from at the shelter, and she picked little 8-week-old Woodhouse almost immediately. They have been inseparable since.

"Raven is more of a mother figure and Woodhouse goes along with whatever she is doing," Christina told Love Meow.

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

Whenever they go in the backyard with Raven, Woodhouse demands to tag along with his canine sister.

"He sits at the back door and howls until we let him out as well, which is weird because he is terrified of being outside," Christina told Love Meow.

"We always have to leave the door propped open so he can dash inside when he wants to."

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

Before Woodhouse met Raven at the shelter, he was a tiny stray kitten found wandering on the street.

As soon as Raven and Woodhouse locked eyes, they just hit it off. It was love at first sight.

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

They have been cuddling ever since!

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

Woodhouse loves his big sister. He wouldn't nap without her being around.

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

"If they're not sleeping they are play-fighting, or they're playing tag. It's always funny to watch Woodhouse chasing Raven around," Christina told Love Meow.

"Our house makes one big circle, so they like to run around in circles and jump on/off both the couch and the bed."

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

"I walk in the bathroom to catch these two playing in the tub," Christina said.

Raven doesn't like baths, but Woodhouse loves the tub, so it's no surprise that Raven decides to join in for the fun.

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

Five months after they found each other, they are still cuddling.

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

The two have been on all kinds of adventures together. They never think they are any different despite one meows and the other woofs. To them, they are family for life!

Courtesy: @raven_and_woodhouse

Woodhouse (when he was a kitten) trying to nurse from Raven.

Raven wants to be where Woodhouse is.

Raven loves her Woodhouse and guards him everywhere they go!

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