Puppy Found Orphaned Kitten and Refused to Leave Him, Now 3 Years Later...


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A puppy found an orphaned kitten behind an apartment building and refused to leave him...

Meet Roscoe!

Lia Spilka

Three years ago, when a woman was out walking her pup, her canine buddy suddenly alerted her about a tiny kitten he discovered.

"My puppy Opie found him in the field behind our apartment building. He was stuck under a log and covered in maggots. Opie refused to leave him, and before you knew it we had a kitten," Lia Spilka said via imgur.

Lia carefully got the kitten out to safety, and Opie immediately tried to check on the feline baby, making sure he was OK.

Lia Spilka

"After a nice bath and a visit to the emergency vet, Roscoe seemed to be doing much better."

They prepared a nesting box for the little kitten, and Roscoe finally got a good sleep that night.

Lia Spilka

Lia began to feed and care for little Roscoe around the clock. Opie was always there every step of the way, eager to help.

Around 10 days old, Roscoe began to open his eyes. He saw his humans and his rescuer Opie for the first time.

Lia Spilka

"He loved to be held and cuddled after feedings. And then he would crazy back into his nesting box and fall asleep beside his pink bunny boy."

Roscoe has a cute beauty mark.

Lia Spilka

He grew bigger, stronger, and more adorable every day.

Lia Spilka

He made a lot of friends in the house.

Lia Spilka

But what Roscoe loves the most is his best friend Opie.

They spent a lot of time cuddling and playing.

Lia Spilka

They are best friends and brothers for life.

Lia Spilka

At 16 weeks!

What a handsome little boy!

Lia Spilka

All grown up now. Roscoe loves his brother who is also a rescue.

Opie refused to leave his kitten when he found him under a log, and they have been cuddling ever since.

Lia Spilka

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