Dog Missed Having a Cat, So They Found Him a New Friend


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Forsberg, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever, grew up snuggling with his best friend, a ginger cat. The two shared an inseparable bond.

The cat-loving dog always napped with his feline buddy and the ginger cat loved him the same.

Photo: JenPhilion

Two years ago, the 15-year-old ginger passed away, and Forsberg was very confused and always looking for his cuddle buddy.

"Forsberg really missed having a cat," Jen Philion, Forsberg's owner, said via reddit.

Photo: JenPhilion

So Jen decided to bring home a new kitty buddy for Forsberg to cuddle with.

"Problem solved!" It was love at first sight.

Photo: JenPhilion

Forsberg let the little fluff ball snuggle up to him. He was a very happy doggy, and the kitten was purring away in his arms.

A year later, the kitty, now named Maxwell, is all grown up!

Photo: JenPhilion

Photo: JenPhilion

They are still best friends!

Photo: JenPhilion

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