Four Foster Kittens Bring Smile Back to Lonely Dog Who Lost Her Best Friend...

Four Foster Kittens Bring Smile Back to Lonely Dog Who Lost Her Best Friend...


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A giant canine was devastated after her best feline friend passed away. She felt lonely and wasn't herself until four little foster kittens came into her life and instantly put a big smile on her face.

Flora, the 100 pound Malamute, shared a very special bond with Dexter, a super senior cat, who was adopted from Best Friends Animal Society at the age of 20.

Flora and DexterJill Williams @florathemalamute

When Dexter came to his forever home, Flora became his biggest fan. They were always together, completely inseparable. After two wonderful yeas, Dexter crossed the rainbow bridge at 22. Flora was grieving and felt so sad and lonely. She missed her best buddy's cuddles every day.

Jill Williams, Flora's mom, quickly adopted two kitties from the shelter, hoping it would heal Flora's broken heart.

"While that cats did help ease some of the sadness that Flora was feeling, the new youngsters didn't like to cuddle the way Dexter did. She was still lonely," Best Friends shared with Love Meow.

Dexter gave Flora kisses and cuddlesJill Williams @florathemalamute

In early August the family decided to foster a litter of kittens as they felt fostering would be a great experience for their children.

Jill brought home four tiny bundles of joy—Iggy, Bowie, Roxy and Glamour. They are very sweet, curious, playful and mischievous.

Jill Williams @florathemalamute

When it was time to introduce the fur babies to their canine friend Flora, Iggy the kitty went right up to the gentle giant and sniffed her nose.

"Flora gently brought her face down to meet his and got a huge smile on her face," Jill said.

Jill Williams @florathemalamute

One after another, the rest of the kittens came running to say hi.

Look at that smile on her face!

Jill Williams @florathemalamute

Glamour, the runt of the litter, was a bit shy but mustered enough courage to approach Flora's nose. As Glamour sniffed several times, Flora remained very still to let the tiniest buddy get to know her. She was completely smitten with the kittens.

"Glamour climbed up Flora's side, sniffing her ears and eyes. Flora just laid there with a big, squinty smile on her face. It was so cute," Jill said.

Glamour and FloraJill Williams @florathemalamute

"I truly think Flora is the kitten whisperer."

Little Glamour loves her canine mama!

Jill Williams @florathemalamute

Flora is beaming with joy surrounded by her kittens who follow her everywhere she goes.

"They are such awesome kittens. It melts my heart to see big mama Flora taking them under her wing," Jill told Love Meow.

Jill Williams @florathemalamute

The foster babies have filled the void in her heart, and mama Flora couldn't be happier.

Watch this adorable video:

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