Man Discovers His Cat's Unique Talent


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A tuxedo cat named Keys has quite a talent which entertains not just her family but everyone that comes across it.

Meet Keys aka the Goalkitty.

Photo: @goalkitty

Her human, Peter Mares from California, discovered her unique talent by accident.

Peter noticed one morning that she tossed her paws up in the air as some sort of a stretch. He quickly grabbed the camera and captured the moment. The next day, she did it again, so Peter immediately rewarded her with her favorite treat.

"She has come to recognize the camera, and does these 'goal hands' whenever she sees it," Peter told Buzzfeed.

Photo: @goalkitty

Every time she receives a treat, he says "I know what you want."

Now those words have become the magic phrase that gets Keys excited. Whenever she hears them, she throws her paws up and gets ready for action. "Every time I pop out my camera and say the magic (phrase), she poses," he told HuffingtonPost.

Photo: @goalkitty

After Keys' pictures got out on the interweb, many creative minds began to photoshop her unique poses in various funny/silly scenes.

Photo: @goalkitty

She's been a goalie trying to block out an incoming ball or riding on a rollercoaster with her paws thrown up in excitement. The creativity is endless.

Photo: @goalkitty

Now this talented kitty brightens up her human followers on Instagram every day with her happy paws.

Photo: @goalkitty

Photo: @goalkitty

She has beautiful markings too. What's not to love!

Photo: @goalkitty

Watch Keys in action:

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