Man Finds Tuxedo Cat with Purrfect Stache and Gentle Heart

Man Finds Tuxedo Cat with Purrfect Stache and Gentle Heart


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A handsome tuxedo cat came to a family with the most purrfect stache they had ever seen.

Meet Dali the cat!

Courtesy: @amador_dali

Dali was just a little kitten when they found him among his siblings.

Needless to say the little tuxedo boy stood out even when he was tiny. He was born with a purrfectly shaped handlebar mustache.

The kitty has a personality that matches his good look.

Courtesy: @amador_dali

Dali is a chill cat.

He loves to relax along with his human family. He is always content, a true gentleman.

Courtesy: @amador_dali

His beautiful white mustache looks superb complementing his soft black coat.

Courtesy: @amador_dali

Dali looking dapper.

He runs the house like a boss. Besides sleeping, he supervises the humans, keeping them under his watchful eye.

All tuckered out.

It's a tough life being a handsome mustachio cat.

Courtesy: @amador_dali

Dali and his proud human dad.

They both share the same love for fine staches. Dali adores his human, and follows him around the house.

Courtesy: @amador_dali

Dali and Paz.

These two brothers are inseparable.

Courtesy: @amador_dali

Dali is a classy kitty with his permanent tuxedo, purrfect stache and a big heart.

Courtesy: @amador_dali

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