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from Animal Aid Inc. (Portland, OR, US)

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Pet ID#: Ritchie (click here to contact the shelter)

About Prince:

I’ve been through a lot of changes, especially in the last year. Let me tell you my story.

When I arrived at the shelter about 6 years ago, I was shy and scared. I’d never been indoors much and there were cats everywhere. Even though I’m a big guy and could have intimidated the other cats, I’m really a gentle guy and didn’t want to fight. I figured the best way to survive was to act aloof. Unfortunately, that is probably why I’ve been waiting so long for a home.

Some of the cats saw my softer side. When one shy kitten came in, she snuggled right into me her first day, seeing past all my bravado and knowing that I would protect her.

About a year ago, I started having ear problems, and they had to give me ear drops. Instead of chasing me around the shelter twice a day, they put me in a cage. It wasn’t much fun, being the proud guy that I am, but they were starting to see another side of me. When the medication was done, they moved me to a smaller room than I had been living in and I turned into, well, I hate to say it, but I turned into a lovebug. Yes, the strong, silent, intelligent cat that they knew, turned into a cuddly guy who couldn’t get enough petting. They also got to see how playful I was, even chasing a laser light up the wall.

A follow up trip to the vet revealed that I needed to have an operation to remove some benign masses from behind my ears and they had to go in through my ear canals. The operation would leave me deaf. When I came back from surgery, I didn’t look very good. Both ears had flopped over and were bandaged, and I wore an Elizabethan collar.

But now, everything has healed. One ear is straight up like it should be. The other ear is working on it! Sometimes I can move it all the way up, sometimes it’s at half mast. The vet thinks it will eventually look like it did before the operation. It’s amazing but I haven’t lost my sense of balance and sometimes I think I can hear a little too. BTW, I don’t have to take any medication.

Some other things you might be interested to know about me. I’ve got green eyes and my fur is grey with a blue luster and is very soft and silky. You will be surprised by my tiny meow coming out of such a big body. I had been through some hard times before I arrived at the shelter and my teeth were so bad that I needed to have them all pulled. But I don’t have any problem eating wet food, dry food, or your food! I was born in 2000.

Since this is my year for change, how about a home -- a normal home with a real family that I can be a part of. A place where I can walk from room to room and there aren’t 20 other cats around. Isn’t there anyone out there who will take a chance on me?”


Breed: Russian Blue & Korat Mix

Sex: Male

Hair: Short

Age: Adult

Prince is:

Special needs

Up to date with shots

House trained


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