Shelter Cat Star of the Day Ziggy


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from Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) (Hillsboro, Oregon, US)

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Pet ID#: 15030607 (click here to contact the shelter)

About Ziggy:

Sometimes perfectly wonderful things come in less than perfect packages. Ziggy is such a kitten. We don't know if he was sick as a baby or whether his mom had distemper before he was born but little Ziggy has Wobbler's Syndrome. The cerebellum has been affected and he doesn't run in a straight line, is not agile and has a depth perception problem that keeps him from knowing heights of objects. He frequently tips over when trying to climb and his legs go every which way tripping him when he tries to run "real fast" like the other kittens. His head shakes when he is trying to concentrate on reaching a certain object or when he eats. His coordination is getting slightly better as he ages and he runs around the house and chases after his friends and has no clue that he is special.

Ziggy will be adopted to a single-level home as he can't maneuver steps at all (he can go up but can't go down) and he will never be an outside cat. Our vet says he will live a long life like a normal cat, just a little more unique in his physical style. Inside he is friendly and purrs and purrs when you pet him. He loves playing with his kitten friends and will only be adopted to a home that will adopt another kitten with him as a companion..


Breed: Tabby Domestic Short

Color: Brown

Sex: Male

Hair: Short

Age: Kitten

Ziggy is:

Special needs

Up to date with shots

House trained


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