Cat Too Shy To Leave Her Cage at Shelter, First Day at Her Loving Home..

Cat Too Shy To Leave Her Cage at Shelter, First Day at Her Loving Home..


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A rescue stray cat was too shy to leave her cage at shelter, but that was completely changed when she found her forever home.

Meet Aurora the cat.

Photo: Ladybirdab

When they met this fluffy kitty at the Guelph Humane Society in September 2015, she was a bit shy and hiding in the cage.

"We were told she wasn't overly friendly and preferred to stay in her cage instead of hang out with humans," imgur user Ladybirdab said. "Turns out she's a closet snuggler,"

As soon as they brought her home, she cuddled up to her forever humans and fell asleep in their arms. "The first day we brought her home, she was a snuggle bug."

Photo: Ladybirdab

Aurora has become her humans' most loyal bodyguard. She guards and follows them around the house, keeping them safe from any intruders.

"This little kitty ran into the shower with me (one) morning to kill an uninvited (although massive) spider."

Photo: Ladybirdab

"Her favourite evening activity is snuggling up on the couch," Ladybirdab said. "She has become such an important part of our family, we couldn't imagine our life without her."

Photo: Ladybirdab

"She loves exploring our backyard and taking road trips with us around Ontario. Her confidence and curiosity never ceases to amaze us."

Aurora is always up for an adventure.

She wakes up her humans in the morning and cuddles with them at night. There's so much love in this fluffy gal.

Photo: Ladybirdab

A year ago, Aurora was shy and reserved at the shelter, but a loving home changed that forever.

"She's the sassiest snuggle bug I know and I couldn't imagine my life without her," Ladybirdab said.

Photo: Ladybirdab

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